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☂surprisingly interesting article

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  • Sylvia Ortiz
    Mensagem 1 de 1 , 30 de jul de 2017





      Here is an article that I found recently, but it turned out to be so interesting that I decided to share it with you, you may find it here view message


      Regards, Sylvia Ortiz


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      Haven't had a drink since 2001. It was one of the best choices I ever made and might have saved my life. I tried being sXe for a while but it was just too much work and didn't make me any happier or feel any better. So now I try to stay as straight as I can. I wont take anything that will intoxicate me. I don't take any meds unless I'm really sick. I still drink tea, but never caffinated energy drinks or any of that stuff. And I never smoke.


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