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1748MIGUEL = ADÃO como Deus auxiliar da Criação, B.Y.,Corão. Mulher como Deus.

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    21 de mar de 2012
      MIGUEL = ADÃO como Deus auxiliar da Criação, B.Y.,Corão.  Mulher (Eva) como Deus.

       We may guess or reason or SPECULATE that ADAM was MICHAEL in pre-existence or pre-mortal live, when living as spiritual life. And according to the Koran Book, a revelation trough the prophet Muhammad (with so many additions and corruptions and they were even told about and warned by the prophet itself along the text, in such a way, that the people that were to corrupt the text, didn't notice about it...). But this is not the point, as precious parts survive.


      One part is that the ONE GOD, the SUPREME BEING, ordered ALL HEAVENLY BEINGS to "worship ADAM, MICHAEL", as if being God, as having DIVINITY ATTRIBUTES. It is clear that SATANAS refused in doing so, in rebelling in doing the worshiping as God to a SPIRIT that was to be made with "inferior material, MUD, MORTAL DECAYING FLESH material". And also a 1/3 of heavenly inhabitants accepted the arguments and rebellion of Satanas and they were cast out from Heaven.


      It was very clear that only God beings that could be Worshiped, and as ordered by the Supreme Being. That was the case. In fact Adam, Michael is God, exactly as Jehovah, the First spiritual Son of God was also God in Heaven. That is very clear why they had so greatest call before Elohim, Heavenly Father and Mothers, to organize this Creation, acting as God Creators, having God, the Son, as Head God, and Michael as God in First Hand Executive Position. For those who go in Temple Ceremony, it is very clear that Jehovah was not alone, as God Creator, before Elohim, in the ACT OF CREATION.

      It is very clear that the COMMAND of CREATION and the ACTION of CREATION was "DUAL", including in the REPORTING about the CREATION as something DONE, FULFILLED, to the ELOHIM, to the FATHER and MOTHERS in HEAVEN. This is in VERY AGREEMENT with the way such ORDERS and REPORST were provided in KORAN BOOK. Also it is in very AGREEMENT with the teachings of BRIGHAM YOUNG about the importance and figure and work of MICHAEL in the plan of CREATION and in the plan of MICHAEL in the organization of humanity in the mortality. There are plenty of OFICIAL discourses and literature/doctrine from Brigham Young on that. For some unknown reasons, they are locked in some same.


      It is very clear that the SPIRIT OF ADAM, in so great glory, before all, was covered with the VEIL, with the MANTLE, that COVERED THE GLORY and also made "covered, hidden" the memory from the pre-existence. They remained inside ADAM, inside MICHAEL. Inside MICHAEL remained a GOD, INNACTIVE, as it was to be the case of JESUS, when the God Jehovah transferred all powers and duties of JEHOVAH = COMMANDANT IN CHIEF to his FATHER, the SON OF HOLYNESS, who became thus our JEHOVAH IN CHIEF, our SABAOTH, and thus Jesus God Jehovah turned just as being Jesus God and Jesus became into just JUSUS "GOD" inactive as "dressed the VEIL = CURTAIN" to become a MORTAL and living into the BABY into Mary's womb and already at the very time to be born. 


      We may speculate Eve as being a female type of "God with Michael", made inactive, very innocent and silly, quite like part of the plan. There are no "goddess", unless the false ones. They have no Roots: must be "grafted" into a Tree of Life, which is Male.