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1747PréMortal Jesus ao tornar mortal cobriu-se de VEU de mortalidade e esquecimento.

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    21 de mar de 2012
      Pré-Mortal Jesus  ao se tornar mortal cobriu-se de VEU de mortalidade e esquecimento 
      03/21/2012 11:05:37
      We can speculate that pre mortal Jesus, as SPIRITUAL BEING (a LIVING TEMPLE) and God, came into MORTALITY, not in GLORY.

      He was living as a God's Living Temple having inside the most ultimate "source" of being the ONE GOD, the SUPREME BEING in the most INNER SACRED of the INNER SACRED SIDE. In it living the ONE GOD, as the SUPREME BEING in most holy INHERITANCE, in the most HOLY of the HOLY INSIDE of the living Temple, Jehovah God. From such God's INNER HOLIEST INSIDE it was the GREATEST TOP POSSIBLE GLORY from the ONE GOD, the SUPREME BEING. The VEIL, CURTAINS, separate THEM that are INTERTWINED as ONE, like at the JUNCTION of GRAFTED BEINS at distinct trees generating just ONE TREE, the DIVINE TREE OF LIFE, ONE BEING impossible to separate...

      At the separation of the SPIRITUAL BODY and the MORTAL BODY, we have also similar VEIL or CURTAINS, that "filters" the glory from the SPIRITUAL GLORY into the MORTALITY GLORY, in such a way that almost none God's glory comes to the mortality environment and senses.

      Thus when Jehovah God was as if to IMMERSE into the MORTALITY, to be surrounded by the mortal body, he was "covered, surrounded" by the VEIL, CURTAINS of MORTALITY. Thus all God's glory was kept "inside" the veil. Also, for others, a similar VEIL is imposed, and all their spiritual GLORY is retained under the VEIL, the CURTAINS, including the VEIL retain the memory of glorious days events that now are hold back. Except if ordered something to release to him leaking through the "curtains".

      For sure Jesus was not in "conference" or remembering about all Universe details when a small kid, as when breast feeding in his mother or when acting as normal kid playing with other children.

      The commandant in chief of Universe was God Jehovah in Heaven. It is quite possible Jesus had a sweet girl and maybe had a family/son(s), as everybody normal mortal duty. Lord, where do you Live... Is it nearby Jerichoh? .... Come and see? Visit Lord's House for Lord's FAMILY. Have MEAL and SLEEP there. Come and SEE. People refuses to believe... Lord had his own house.