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    20 de mar de 2012
      03/17/2012 09:17:18
      It is possible that we have seen and evaluated nephites language and culture through a very "narrow" viewpoint, quite extremist and very separatist. As if they had started "from nothing". And without interaction with local people - society - cultures - religions... For sure that was almost erased from the accounts or through the interpretation of them. They were/are not important.

      One interesting/intriguing point for a former Islam (Muslim) person is the possible relationship of them with the "Arabs" and their culture and religion. Quite like of Joseph with Jethro: the source of God's priesthood and other blessing to Israel people.

      It is quite speculative, but it appears the BOOK OF ABRAHAM that showed up among the LDS is the same BOOK OF ABRAHAM mentioned as being true one in KORAN BOOK, the sacred one received by Muhammad.

      But it appears that the BOOK OF ABRAHAM made available to LDS is the "blend, composition" of two documents.

      A) - One being quite like a "cover up", quite like for "illustration, but VERY FALSE", origination from mummy the LDS bought, with high prices, from late Egyptian period and made by VERY FALSE RELIGIOUS EGYPTIAN CORRUPTED PRIESTS (with very false teachings about the Book of Dead and fooling the guardians at the door of the World of Spirits...)

      B) - The other quite true and correct one, being already a translation, into nephitic language, from the original text of the Abraham's text, that originally was in Egypt, and as used for corrupted purposes and thus "perverted" into plenty available papyrus in mummies, as the one the LDS bought. But in fact such papyrus text were used only to illustration and fooling

      Thus we can reason the Book of Abraham is not linked to the Book of Dead or linked to the expressions like the Egyptian believes or believed. Abraham only taught what was true by itself and not trying to make syncretism and parallelism with Egyptian religion. Abraham was quite like an Islamist expressing Koran...

      For sure Koran Book say there are many Gods (as Supreme Servants from the Supreme Being...) and that Jesus is the Son of God but not the Son of the Supreme Being. Even it is implicit that Adam in pre-existence, in rebellion in Heaven, was "God" Michael... and that in some ceremony all had to worship toward God Michael. Lucifer and his companions refused and turned into rebellion.

      Thus, it is clear that Book of Abraham expresses the complete truth plus some "ideas/teachings added by the Egyptian Religion" and they are quite clear. The Book is clear about that some things came "from the Egyptians", NOT from Abraham's teaching. We could say they came quite like from the "catacombs" (undergrounds) of Egypt, in Nephi's days, when they were building that so huge and long navigation deep channel to the Pharaoh and they had build the town NEPHiCH that yet remains ALIVE in Egypt... So nearby as if it is impossible to separate Nephi from ISMAIL and Nephich (now Naphich, NAfich) from Ismailiah town. NEPHI and ISMAIL remain together, as it was 2,600 years ago... This is as Joseph and Jethro remains together also, after so longer time. But LDS are not able to understand. The God is the same. The tribes of Israel and of Ishmael came from the same father. Having the same God. They forgot about Genesis chapter 49, of JACOB blessing his sons through ISRAEL lineage. But his sons through ISMAEL lineage are also blessed. Ishmael is the son who saw ANGELS, including his mother...See Genesis, Chapter 25:12-18. Ishmael was a "special" head man.

      Book KORAN (from Islamic prophet Mohammad)

      It is titled KADR: this meaning is unknown (as KOLOB).
      It is speculated it means fate, fatality. As we have only some "freedom, in mortality", as we are not able to know future events, as when God decided we are to die. Thus we are subject to absolute God's will, but that is not already "determined, inevitable" in our life events. We have "free will to decide", as Job, what to do.

      In the name of God, the CLEMENT, the MERCIFUL."(not of Supreme Being... GOD here is SINGULAR BEING, ONE rules you...)"

      97.1 Yes, "WE" revealed the KORAN in the night of Kadr,
      (**KADR is not an Earthly mortal event;
      Notice that "ONE GOD" is "PLURAL=WE" (God is one, under the Supreme Being; Jesus God is under God Heavenly Father, Man of Holiness) but "ONE GOD" is talking through the "Verb=Mouth": God Jehovah. Thus phrase starts with GOD, the "ONE GOD", as HE continues to talk in same phrase!) Through His "VERB".

      97.2 And what do you know about the night of Kadr?

      97.3 The night of Kadr is worth more than one thousand months.

      97.4 In it, the angels and the spirit come down, by the order of your Lord = ruler = king (God Jehovah), with all His (God Jehovah) decrees.

      97.5 It is peace up to the disrupt of dawn.

      NOTICE: to simplify reason the night as 0.5 Lord's day for Kadr.

      By the Revelation: 1 KADR NIGHT = 1,000 months = 1,000/12 = 83.3 years … (!!!!) EXPONENTIAL LAW

      Usually people thing that 0.5 God's day = 0.5 x (1,000 years) = 500 years …

      It is clear that we are before an EXPONENTIAL RELATIONSHIP between God's time and Mortality time.

      If instead of 0.5 God's day time we use 1.5 God's day time, we are to have a HUGE TIME, much GREATER than 1.5 x (1,000 years) = 1,500 years of mortality. Thus for 7 God's day time, as of Creation, we are to have a WORTH time in mortality much greater than 7 x (1,000) = 7,000 years of mortality. Thus there is a great MISTAKE in the idea that the UNIVERSE was "organized" just some 7,000 years worth of mortality, back. Where is the mistake?

      Who did say the relationship Heavenly time x Terrestrial time is based on a linear (arithmetic) relationship? Book of Abraham is saying that such is NOT SUCH THE CASE !!!! .

      Also SCIENCE is clearly saying the relationship is EXPONENTIAL, as in above computation of 83.3 years x 500 years and growing exponentially with God's time departing from base value of 1.0. Where is the mistake? In the Book of Abraham, and somebody made a tiny copy mistake a very long time ago. It is in LDS translation (version).

      The MISTAKE is now REJECTED very strongly almost everywhere by everybody, even by not learned people. Except by some extremists religious. Even the equation on that relationship is provided in Book of Abraham, but a little misprint was introduced and that is to be shown in next comment. From it comes (result) the correct relationship of God's time x Mortality time. I am professor since 1968 and I almost retired as University Professor (but returned to duty...) and I have seen plenty of such "little mistakes" that made great disturbances in final results...