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1744Relação SER SUPREMO=UM DEUS e os Deuses, são UM, e os TEMPLOS VIVOS Deus

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    19 de mar de 2012
      Relação entre o SER SUPREMO=UM DEUS e os Deuses, são UM, e os TEMPLOS VIVOS de Deus 

      03/19/2012 21:30:06
      GOD, the ONE GOD, the SUPREME BEING, just ONE,

      inhabit in each God, Supreme Divine Proxy and Servant of The ONE GOD (SUPREME BEING).

      THE GOD and Gods are just ONE, impossible to separate, even being DISTINCT.

      They are as if "GRAFTED" Beings,
      living together, interlinked and intertwined,
      that became, for ever, as just "ONE",
      as if joined by a living tissue since a given time event.

      The ONE GOD and each God are just "ONE", as if they became the "ONE TREE OF LIFE". And as result all Gods are also just "ONE", the "ONE GOD" (it is not possible to separate all and each Gods from the SUPREME BEING...), the "ONE TREE OF LIFE". And thus any two or more "God" from continuing being "ONE", from continuing something "living, alive" in the "ONE TREE OF LIFE", the ONE GOD's symbolism. We are to provide figures on that to make it "visible", as symbolic examples, logic ones. If allowed.

      We can reason as any and each and all Divine God being a LIVING TEMPLE for the
      SUPREME GLORY of the SUPREME BEING, the ONE GOD, inhabit "inside",
      as if as at the most holy of the holy of the earthly temples described in Scriptures
      and already built for the benefit of the men, since Moses' days,
      with all the symbolic meanings described.

      Now the God's LIVING TEMPLE, which are the Divine Beings symbolism, for those who are Gods, Supreme Servants and Supreme Proxy (Male and Female=as wives), are as living
      walls, floors, ceilings, curtains, etc. of the LIVING TEMPLE.

      All from us, as our WORSHIPS and PRAYS, only reach the SUPREME BEING, ONE GOD, through
      Gods intervention working as "Gods PRIESTS, with Divinity Priesthood".

      The ultimate judgment and decision is from THE GOD. And Gods act as if Lawyers providing supreme plea, suplicate, in favor of each and all of us. As if in SUPREME COURT (no appeal beyond it is possible, in higher court).

      We can reason that as the difference we have between the TEMPLE itself and the Jehovah God living inside the Temple, in the most sacred of it, in the most holy of the holy,

      we have as similarity the case of the Gods Divine Being Body being as the LIVING DIVINE BEING themselves (the "God", Supreme Being's Divine Servant) and the SUPREME BEING, the ONE GOD, at the most Holy of Holy, surrounded by "curtains", and being at the greatest "glory".

      With Moses having to wear "curtain like" cloth before his face to attenuate and hide the "residual glory" on his face because had contact with Jehovah's God in GLORY...

      Into the most sacred of the Living TEMPLE who are the Gods, quite like into Terrestrial Temples symbolism (for Jehovah lives), we have living SUPREME BEING, the ONE GOD, into the most SUPREME GLORY. Any mortal man can't support SEE the full such Supreme Glory and remain in mortal life.

      EXCEPT if such GLORY is attenuated through the "curtains", BEING "FILTERED" in such a way that only a small fraction is filtered out through it by the effect of controlled "transparency", lesser or greater.

      Thus, as Moses saw and talked with, the ONE GOD's glory is seen as "fire" that "burns" but in fact there is no burning taking place. Thus it is not seen the "Supreme Glory of the Supreme Being" but only a very attenuated shadow of such Being.

      The ONE GOD, SUPREME BEING, is not "slave" of supreme creation, organized and provided through the Gods, Supreme Being's Gods, Divine Servants, originated from Supreme Being as "Divine Proxy and Verbs" since ALPHA, from endless time, before all Gods existed...