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[gen-ocidio] Milho do Português e a soja brasileira

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  • Luiz Meira
    ... Brazil, the world s second-largest soybean producer,
    Mensagem 1 de 1 , 2 de fev de 2000
      > THE NEWS
      > FRONT PAGE STORY - 11/12/1999
      > Ministry Confirms 15 Varieties of GM Maize Growing in Portugal Without
      > Any Safety Measures
      > The Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture has admitted exclusively to THE
      > NEWS that it has allowed two varieties of GM corn to be grown
      > extensively throughout the Alentejo, Ribatejo and the north of
      > Portugal without any safety measures, writes Siobhan Mitchell.
      > The government this week revealed that there are no fewer than 15
      > different experimental varieties of GM maize being grown in a cluster
      > of sites centred around Coimbra and Santarem. In answer to detailed
      > questioning from THE NEWS in a joint investigation with the Sunday
      > Times, Agriculture Ministry spokesman Augusto Vilela admitted for the
      > first time that no steps whatsoever have been taken to prevent the
      > contamination of non-GM crops or to prevent the spread of pollen from
      > transgenic corn fields.
      > In declarations that will shock consumers, he said there were no
      > 'safety distances' between fields growing GM corn and those growing
      > ordinary crops because "there is no need to set down any conditions or
      > specific criteria when it comes to the use of genetically-modified
      > organisms."
      > Vilela added there was therefore no system of safety checks or
      > penalties in operation, and that local authorities are also kept in
      > the dark. He denied that the government had been leant on by
      > multinational GM giants Monsanto and Novartis to keep the locations of
      > crop sites secret, but admitted that it was government policy not to
      > disclose the information to the public. "We are not aware of any
      > request (from Monsanto or Novartis). It is not the Ministry of
      > Agriculture's policy to give out information about the activities of
      > farmers."
      > When asked about where the GM maize was likely to end up, Vilela
      > answered that the government had no idea. "The Ministry of Agriculture
      > does not keep tabs on the commercial transactions of these products,"
      > he admitted, adding that there were no legal impediments to stop it
      > from entering the food chain. He also said that some GM maize would be
      > used in animal feed for meat products that could end up on local
      > supermarket shelves.
      > ------------------
      > 04:57 p.m Dec 07, 1999 Eastern
      > Brazil State Pays Farmers to Rip Out GM Soybeans
      > By Phil Stewart
      > SAO PAULO, Dec 7 (Reuters) - Brazil's southernmost state will launch
      > what may be the world's first-ever crop substitution programme aimed
      > at weeding out genetically modified (GM) crops, a top state official
      > said Tuesday. Treating GM soybeans like drug plants, the state will
      > offer farmers a total of 10 million reais (US$5.37 million) in special
      > low-interest loans if they rip out the lab-enhanced soy -- illegal
      > throughout Brazil -- and replant normal varieties. "What we are
      > telling them it is better to lose seedlings than lose their entire
      > crop," said Rio Grande do Sul state's agriculture secretary, Jose
      > Hermeto Hoffmann.

      Brazil, the world's second-largest soybean producer,
      > is the last major competitor to top grower United States who has not
      > followed the North American country down the transgenic trail...

      > Hoffmann's promise to burn down GM crops has met with fierce
      > resistance in many municipalities, where illegal planting was so
      > widespread that they passed now-stricken laws authorising GM planting.
      > Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.
      > ------------------
      > Genetically Engineered DNA Found in Honey
      > All Canadian honey is now suspect, as traces of oilseed rape DNA have
      > already been detected in several brands. FAVOUR ORGANIC HONEY as
      > attempts are made to preserve wide margins between hives and GM or
      > agrochemical-sprayed crops.
      > Source: GM Foods and How to Avoid Them -
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