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339th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (Call for Papers, deadline 24/jan/2003)

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  • Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro
    29 de dez 13h19min
      > April 10-12, 2003
      > The University of Chicago
      > - CALL FOR PAPERS -
      > A version of this announcement and call for papers is also available at
      > == The General Session ==
      > The General Session will cover all areas of linguistic interest. We
      > encourage proposals from diverse theoretical frameworks and also welcome
      > papers on language-related topics from disciplines such as Anthropology,
      > Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Neuroscience, and Psychology.
      > Invited Speakers
      > Maria Bittner, Rutgers University
      > Adele Goldberg, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      > Junko Ito, University of California at Santa Cruz
      > Armin Mester, University of California at Santa Cruz
      > Janet Pierrehumbert, Northwestern University
      > == The Parasessions ==
      > Body and Mind: Interaction between Motion, Space, and Thought
      > This panel invites topics that address the issue of how space and
      > motion are construed by language and other cognitive modalities. Abstracts
      > in Syntax, Psycholinguistics, Anthropology, Socio-linguistics, and sign
      > language research are welcomed.
      > Invited Speakers
      > David McNeill, University of Chicago
      > Leonard Talmy, University at Buffalo, SUNY
      > Quantitative Approaches to Theoretical Issues
      > Theoretical linguistics has traditionally relied upon subjective data
      > obtained from interviews with native speakers. This panel seeks to address
      > issues of theoretical import using quantitative, empirical methodologies
      > for the study of disciplines such as semantics, syntax, morphology, and
      > phonology.
      > Invited Speakers
      > Jeff Runner, University of Rochester
      > Kjell Saebo, University of Oslo
      > Perspectives on Language Learnability
      > New work in theoretical linguistics often receives criticism with
      > respect to its implications for learnability of language. This panel
      > will explore current issues in language learnability. We invite proposals
      > that address learnability in any sub-field(s) of linguistics. We also
      > strongly encourage work from a variety of disciplines related to
      > Linguistics, particularly Computer Science, Cognitive Science,
      > Neuroscience, and Psychology.
      > Invited Speakers
      > Sean Fulop, University of Chicago
      > Bruce Tesar, Rutgers University
      > Submission Deadline: January 24, 2003.
      > This year, we have moved to a Web-based abstract submission system to
      > streamline the abstract submission process. We strongly encourage using
      > this submission system.
      > You can find specific instructions, guidelines for abstracts, a more
      > detailed time line, as well as a template and suggested style sheet at
      > Please direct your questions to cls@...
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