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1SLA STUDENT ESSAY CONTEST (deadline: 6/jan/2003)

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  • Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro
    28 de dez de 2002
      Prezados colegas,
      Desculpe o aviso de última hora. Pode ser que esta competição venha a ser do
      interesse de vocês (ou, quem sabe, de seus alunos).

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      Subject: [Uclinguist] SLA STUDENT ESSAY CONTEST

      > Call for papers for prize
      > The Society for Linguistic Anthropology invites graduate and undergraduate
      > students to submit a paper on linguistic anthropology. Graduate student
      > winners will receive $100, an invitation to submit their papers for review
      > in the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, and have their names and
      > published in AN. An undergraduate prize also will be awarded if the
      > and number of entries merits it. Undergraduates will receive $100 and
      > be recognized (along with the faculty member for whom the paper was
      > in AN.
      > Papers will be judged on originality; organization, quality, and clarity
      > writing; cogency of argument; contributions to theory with use of
      > materials; and timeliness. Papers should be limited to 45 double-spaced
      > pages, including bibliography, and should be written using the style sheet
      > of the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. Papers that have been
      > for publication, but have not yet been accepted, are eligible. Articles
      > already accepted or published are not eligible. Students may only submit
      > one paper. Applicants need not be members of the Society for Linguistic
      > Anthropology to apply. Prizes will be announced at the SLA business
      > at the 2003 AAA annual meeting. Sent four copies of the manuscript to
      > Elinor Ochs, SLA President, Department of Anthropology, 341 Haines Hall,
      > 945553, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1553. Be sure to include a cover
      > with the submission that includes mailing address, telephone number, email
      > address, institutional affiliation and student status (graduate or
      > undergraduate student). The first page of each paper should specify paper
      > title, but should not include author's name. Faxed and emailed
      > will NOT be accepted. Deadline for submissions is Jan. 6, 2003.
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